Kayak Lessons and Tours
Paddle to explore Maui’s Water-World Today!
Safe! Great Exercise! Human Powered!

kayak eco-snorkel tour

kayak eco-snorkel tour around south maui reefs.

Kayak Tour                                                $95
Paddle with a Guide For Workout or Pleasure.
1.5 Hours.
Ages 6 and Older.



maui whale watching tours

Paddle out with a guide and view the Whales.

Kayak Whale Watch Tour                           $95
Seasonal-Humpback Whales.

1.5 Hours.
Ages 6 and Older.



kayak snorkel tour

Paddle to remote Maui reefs and snorkel with hawaiian green sea turtles.

Kayak Eco-Snorkel Tour                              $120
Paddle and Snorkel South Maui Reefs.
2.5 Hours.
Ages 6 and Older.


Professional Guided Tours, Instruction, Photography, and Beach Rentals.

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