maui scuba certification

Learn to scuba dive and get certified with Padi instructors.


Beginner through Advanced Training.
All Inclusive: Equipment, Materials, Instruction, Processing!

Easy, Safe, and Fun!

PADI Learn to Dive!



PADI LogoVertColorDotcom_webOPEN WATER & JR. OPEN WATER CERTIFICATION          $650/$550* E-Learning
Ages 10-14 for Jr. and 15 up for Open Water Training
Course Reading, Reviews and Quizzes; Instruction Dives Pool and Ocean, Swim Test.
Easily complete this course in a minimum of 3 days to receive your PADI Scuba Certification,Your passport for Diving Around The World!
*Soft-cover Book or E-Learning Study Options Available:
You can Start Learning at Home and Show Up ready to Dive!


PADI LogoVertColorDotcom_webREFERRAL DIVES FOR CERTIFICATION        $124 per Dive
Ages 10 and up for Training Open Water Dives after completing Knowledge Reviews,

Testing and Confined Water Skill Trainings from another Scuba Company or Agency.
Provide a copy of all prerequisite Training Completed.
Includes Instruction Dives and Equipment.


Ages 12-14 Jr. and 15 up for Advanced Trainings.
Course Reading and Knowledge Reviews, Instruction Dives and Equipment.
5 Dives; Navigation and Deep Required.
Elective Dives; DPV Scooter, Underwater Naturalist, Boat/Kayak, Digital Underwater Photographer,
Peak Performance Buoyancy, NITROX, and Night.


Ages 12-14 Jr. and 15 up for Rescue Trainings.
Course Reading and Knowledge Reviews, Instruction Dives and Equipment.
5 Dives; Self rescue, Recognizing and managing stress in other divers,
Emergency management and equipment, Rescuing panicked divers,
Rescuing unresponsive divers.
Be trained and current for first aid and CPR within the previous two years.


CONCIERGE: Certifications are scheduled around MUSA Tour Schedules and Pre-booked Activities.
Make Reservations with a MUSA Desk Manager prior to confirming Dates and Times.
During Busy Periods all Certification Trainings will be Scheduled During Mid-day and Afternoons.
All Equipment is provided for Training, including Towels.

Professional Guided Tours, Instruction, Photography, and Beach Rentals.

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