SCUBA Participant Pre-Qualification Information

Participants meet at the Dive Shop to Check-in and fill out Liability and Medical Release Waiver.

Common Medical Issues which require a Doctor’s Permission to participate are Asthma, Pregnancy, Existing Heart Conditions, Seizure Disorders, and Back Injuries.

Any Medical Condition in which a Doctor has directed the Patient to limit physical activities are subject to require an Official Doctor’s Clearance, prior to Participating in SCUBA.

Under 18 years requires Signatures from Parent or Guardian.

Participants breathe purified, compressed air, and MUST NOT TRAVEL, by any means, to an altitude above 1000’/300M for a period of 12-18 Hours after completing Training or Diving. This includes Flying or  Helicopter Tours, Zip Lines, or Haleakala Sightseeing. Makawao Town is the 1000′ Mark.

Professional Guided Tours, Instruction, Photography, and Beach Rentals.

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