Happy 2016 to all our fans and  clients.

We are off to a great year with the Hawaiian Humpback Whales showing up just in time for the holidays and providing background music for our underwater tours. If you love the whales as much as we do, join us daily on a Kayak Whale Watch Tour thumb-kayak-eco-snorkel-480x360an hour and a half easy paddle out to visit with the whales. Mother and calves, with their escorts, or solo singing males are awesome and gentle creatures to experience on Maui;s calm waters.


Check our website for all our tours and instruction possibilities. Whales season ends May 15th, but the best action is from now through the end of March. In February there is a Saturday “whale count” throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in the past there averages around 10,000 whales sighted! Often over 2/3rds are around the island of Maui. Talk about good odds of seeing a whale! We like to skip the crowded boats and have an intimate, peaceful; interaction with our large sea mammals visiting from their summer in Alaska. Our tours are semi-private groups of up to 8 people or as a private tour with just your party and a guide. All our guides are professional photographers, as well as whale lovers! We provide an amazing and safe experience that often jumps to the top of peoples life adventures.


Bring your hat, sunglasses, and rashguards and let’s go whale hunting!

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