Green Sea Turtles are our favorite, and there are now 2 new baby turtles on the reef, probably around 3 1/2 to 4 years old. Come see them for yourself, they can often be found near the point, at high tide or in the morning, feeding on the red algae growing near the surface.

new baby turtle

new baby turtle on the reef-starburst.

One of these baby turtles is “Starburst”. She has an amazing shell pattern, and is really comfortable with snorkelers and divers around her. After the last series of waves and stormy weather, starburst has moved out from here hidden lair in the south reef shallows, out to “Joe’s garage” a little lava “slot” in the swim thru where a baby turtle can “park” and stay safe on the reef.



new baby turtle-no name yet!

another new baby turtle on the reef.

The other newest little one has yet to be named by one of our guests, but he stays close to shore, where he fells safe while getting used to reef life.




Do we really know if the are a boy or a girl? No! At this young of an age we can only guess, not accurately until they are anywhere form 15-20 years old or more. Turtles are slow growers, but as they age the “boy’s” tails grow longer, and the girls stay small. We have also noticed that older females tend to be thicker in the chest area than the boys. The older females will often be more comfortable “hanging out” with us underwater, while the males will shy away.

Spring water is here to bring the clear, deep ocean water and loads of new fish to our Hawaiian coral reef. Come play with us and explore Wailea Point and beyond!

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