What Ages can try SCUBA?

Ages 8 and Older can participate in our Bubble Blower Program in the pool.

Ages 10 and 11 can do a Private Intro to Scuba Pool Clinic and Reef Dive, up to 2 that age and 2 more family/friends ages 12 or older.

Ages 12 and older may participate in our Intor to Scuba Pool Clinic and Reef Dive in an open Group or Private Booking.

Do I have to be Physically Fit?

We recommend a particpiant be ready to carry a pack and tank assembly to the pool and beach, be fit enought to swim slowly underwater for 20-60 minutes, and then return to the dive shop with the gear. Our guides can assist smaller guests, and non-disqualifying joint or muscle conditions.

What if I am taking Medications or have a Chronic Injury or Illness?

We require the completion of a Medical Statement for each student stating that they are free from Medical Conditions such as; Active Asthma, Cold and Sinus Infections, Current Medications, and prior Surgery (plus more). We require a Doctor’s Clearance for any condition checked. Call us first to determine if you are eligible, or if we can find a way to adapt for you.

I have trouble with my ears when I dive down snorkeling, How can I go deeper to Scuba Dive?

Our Instructors will teach you how to “Equalize” your ears on descent. This is similar to how you “Pop” your ears while going up on an airplane, but the opposite. When you go down, the air in your “Middle Ear” behind your ear drum compresses due to the increasing pressure. Every few feet while going down, we pinch our nose shut thru our mask and genlty blow air from our lungs towardds our closed mouth and nose, which directs the air into our middle ears thru our throat, which expands and “Equalizes” the pressure.

What If I run out of Air while Scuba Diving?

Our Instructors will carefully monitor your air guages, and teach you how to easily check for yourself. Scuba Diving Rules and Skills are designed to be very safe and conservative. We never breathe down all our air. When we get low-but with plenty reserve-as indicated by the pressure guage, we slowly ascend to the surface, inflate our jacket, and swim back to shore from the surface.

Are there Sharks out on the Reef?

While Sharks do live in the ocean, Maui and Hawaii in general are the home of a msall amount of these beautiful fish. Our small Reef Eco-Sytem can only support a minimal population of Reef sharks. Sometimes we run across a White Tip Reef Sharks either sleeping in a nook or swimming around the reef. This is a very small, “Beginner” shark, and will leave the area if you swim towards it. On our Makena Caverns dive we go looking for sleeping White Tips to see them inperson. Very Safe!


Are the Tours Single or Two Tank Dives?

Our Dive Tours are listed Ala Carte, or Single Tank Dives. We pride ourselves on providing the Maximum Bottom Time on our dives based on our guests abilities and desires. No short cuts are taken by our guides, and most of our dives are in the 25 to 50 foot range, so allow for the best experience. Add a DPV Scooter and now you are saving air and covering more reef.

How big are your Dive Groups?

We limit our Certified Dive Groups to six divers, and four if Scooter Diving. We can custom dive a larger group or family with additional Guides if requested, but Maui Undersea Adventures is known for smal, intimate groups or Private Dive Tours to provide a unique and special experience everytime!

How old to Ride a DPV Scooter?

Ceritified Divers ages 12 and older are authorized to Dive with the Scooters on a Guided Tour.

What does DPV stand for?

We use the word “Scooter” for these, but the technical term is “Diver Propulsion Vehicle”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue, but if you want to be a James Bond Diver, we stick with DPV for short!



How old to Learn to Snorkel?

We advertise Instruction and Tours for Ages 6 and older, but have been able to easily teach 3, 4, and 5 year olds, based on their own personal skills and maturity. This is offered on a Private and case by case basis. Call to find out more.

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