Silent and Graceful Manta Rays are curious and friendly

Scuba Dive with Manta Rays with Maui Undersea Adventures

Since the early 2018 winter season, Maui’s Manta Rays have been making consistent visits to the South Shore reef areas. Paddle boarders, snorkelers, and Outrigger Canoe Crews have enjoyed watching the Manta Rays skim the surface feeding on Plankton, Hydroids and other micro-organisms floating in the sea.

The Mantas follow currents mostly based on food resources, which can be affected by water temperature, sediment, and organic waste which all contribute to the growth of the food source for these large animals.

Divers often see Manta Rays on the Wailea Point Reef at Wailea Beach, directly in front of the dive shop located on the Four Seasons Resort Maui Property. With over 5 acres of Hard Corals growing on a lava rock base, divers can experience all that Hawaii has for sea life from the shallows to the edge of the reef and beyond.

We dive with these Mantas in as little as 10 feet of water, but mostly they are found in the 20-40′ depth. With wingspans averaging from 6-10 feet wide, these animals are amazing to watch as the fly by. Sightings of more than 16 foot wingspans have been reported over the years, mostly off the back wall of Molokini or other deep water sites. This type of Manta Ray travels over great distances in open ocean currents.

Beginners as well as advanced divers are welcome to join us on a reef dive in search of Maui’s Manta Rays!

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Scooter Snorkel Tours and Manta Rays!
Scuba Dive with Manta Rays!
A young female Tiger Shark, named Kikaha (“to Soar”) in the open ocean exhibit at the Maui Ocean Center.

The best Scuba Diving in Maui?

Also known by the divers at Maui Undersea Adventures as “The Shark Dojo”, this dive is great for diving with 5-6 types of Hawaii’s shark species. Tiger, Gray Reef, Sandbar, White Tip Reef, Black Tip, and Hammerhead sharks are represented.

Well fed and used to humans, this is way safer than you may think. We take many kids 12 and older and they love the experience.

Our guides bring cameras and shoot your experience while teaching you about the true behaviors of these important animals.

This dive includes one free viewing guest with each paid diver, behind the scenes access to the aquariums, a dive briefing to learn the cultural significance of these animals, a 45-minute dive while family watches, and a guided tour thru the other exhibits after the dive. Also includes a Free T-shirt for each diver!

Located on-site is the Seascape restaurant with ocean/marina views, excellent service, and an affordable and great family menu. Plus this is the cheapest and best Happy Hour on the island!

If this dive sounds exciting to you, give us a call to book your private tour today…

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scooter snorkel fun
scooter snorkel tour, fun for families

The best snorkel tours on Maui are with an underwater scooter! Fun for all skill levels and ages 8 years and older, (or 6-7 yo that are extra comfortable in the water and sporty!) can learn to ride these electric scooters to explore the reef at Wailea Beach.

Our professional Instructors guide small groups of 5 or your party as a private group around the 5-acre reef looking primarily for Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and learning about the coral reef and other sea life. Our guides are excellent underwater photographers and will capture your adventure in digital jpeg and mov files for you to post, share and print.

The Scooters float and are very easy to learn to ride. Even “scaredy-cats” become comfortable within about 3 minutes after riding these vehicles. Save energy and explore further than you’re used to!

For advanced Freedivers, you’ll extend your depth and bottom time as well using the propellers to get you down and back safely!

Call us today or book online now to reserve your spot on this amazing Maui Tour!

Maui scooter snorkel tour
Wailea scooter snorkel tours are the best tours on Maui!

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The Best Scuba Diving on Maui. Small or Private groups for the Ultimate Ocean Experience!

Join our Professional Guides and Underwater Photographers for an easy, yet fulfilling adventures exploring the reefs of Maui. We have a variety of Maui Scuba Diving listed here on our website.

Certified divers 12 and older are eligible to learn to ride a “Diver Propulsion Vehicle” or Scooter.

These are “Apollo” brand retailing for $2500 each, not your backyard swimming pool types.

Easy to learn to ride and equalize, we start by holding it in front of you and steer with your arms to control depth. Obviously you don’t want to hold your breath and ride full throttle to the surface, but that is hard to do with these very easy to control machines. The noise doesn’t scare the fish or sea life, and on a typical dive we ride to a location, then put them on the sandy sea floor and kick around slowly to more closely explore the reef, then pick them up and zoom off to more outer reef locations.

Great for getting offshore to some of our local boat dives like the St. Anthony’s shipwreck located off Keawakapu beach just up the street from us. For very comfortable divers, they can learn to ride with the scooter placed between their legs, more comfortable than it may sound, and lock the trigger on and ride “hands free” through the ocean, and become a true Aquaman! We also offer this as a snorkel tour, Wailea Point Scooter Snorkel, for non-certified divers, or for advanced Freedivers to explore the reef from the surface. Check out this article about our Scooter Snorkel Tour here.

maui scuba diving
Learn to ride a scooter for an exciting dive!
maui scuba diving with whales
Whale watching maui scuba diving style!

Scuba Diving with humpback whales.

Whale season is upon almost here, with a sighting by boat last week here in Maui. Our humpback whales travel from Alaska in the winter to the Pacific Whale Sanctuary in Hawaii to calve and breed. 

Whales travel thousands of miles without feeding.

There is not a food source in Hawaii, and these whales do not feed, but live off their summer reserves for the season.  By the time they return to Alaska in the spring, they are fairlly emaciated and have the appetite of….you guessed it …a whale!

Find out more fascinating facts from NOAA Here

Maui Undersea Adventures Whale Watching Kayak Tours

We offer guided kayak tours during Maui’s whale season for an intimate encounter with the whales. Docile giants, we keep our distance, but sometimes the curious newborns come close for an inspection! What a peaceful, exercise filled adventure for you!

Call or email Now for your reservations, Mahalo

maui whale watching tours
Paddle out with a guide and view the Whales.
The Best Maui Beaches
The best Maui beaches are found in Wailea and Makena.

The early mornings here at the Four Seasons Resort Maui are amazing!

Glassy, clear water and Sea turtles everywhere make for an exciting tour.

Snorkel, Scuba, Paddle, or Kayak, come enjoy the sea with a professional guide and photographer.

Make your reservation now and beat the rush…


Maui Undersea Adventures
Water Eye View of the Hotel

Happy 2016 to all our fans and  clients.

We are off to a great year with the Hawaiian Humpback Whales showing up just in time for the holidays and providing background music for our underwater tours. If you love the whales as much as we do, join us daily on a Kayak Whale Watch Tour thumb-kayak-eco-snorkel-480x360an hour and a half easy paddle out to visit with the whales. Mother and calves, with their escorts, or solo singing males are awesome and gentle creatures to experience on Maui;s calm waters.


Check our website for all our tours and instruction possibilities. Whales season ends May 15th, but the best action is from now through the end of March. In February there is a Saturday “whale count” throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in the past there averages around 10,000 whales sighted! Often over 2/3rds are around the island of Maui. Talk about good odds of seeing a whale! We like to skip the crowded boats and have an intimate, peaceful; interaction with our large sea mammals visiting from their summer in Alaska. Our tours are semi-private groups of up to 8 people or as a private tour with just your party and a guide. All our guides are professional photographers, as well as whale lovers! We provide an amazing and safe experience that often jumps to the top of peoples life adventures.


Bring your hat, sunglasses, and rashguards and let’s go whale hunting!

PageLines- wailea-beach-250x188.jpgAloha from Maui! Our reef today was so epic. Over 100′ visibility let us see across the reef. Turtles, eagle rays and more were easy to spot and track their behavior by all our divers today. Paddle boarders were raving about being able to see straight down to the reef, while Opelu Kala (White-tailed Unicorn Fish) were schooling near the surface feeding on micro-plankton. The sea life is so abundant. The winds are in a light phase right now, not kicking up white caps until afternoon. All our families on the beach had such a fun and relaxing time playing, flat calm water let even the toddlers play at the water’s edge without worry or sand in the face. We are looking forward to diving all we can over the next week to take advantage of the automatically awesome photos our guides take while showing guests the reef. If you’re in Maui, come play with us!

Green Sea Turtles are our favorite, and there are now 2 new baby turtles on the reef, probably around 3 1/2 to 4 years old. Come see them for yourself, they can often be found near the point, at high tide or in the morning, feeding on the red algae growing near the surface.

new baby turtle

new baby turtle on the reef-starburst.

One of these baby turtles is “Starburst”. She has an amazing shell pattern, and is really comfortable with snorkelers and divers around her. After the last series of waves and stormy weather, starburst has moved out from here hidden lair in the south reef shallows, out to “Joe’s garage” a little lava “slot” in the swim thru where a baby turtle can “park” and stay safe on the reef.



new baby turtle-no name yet!

another new baby turtle on the reef.

The other newest little one has yet to be named by one of our guests, but he stays close to shore, where he fells safe while getting used to reef life.




Do we really know if the are a boy or a girl? No! At this young of an age we can only guess, not accurately until they are anywhere form 15-20 years old or more. Turtles are slow growers, but as they age the “boy’s” tails grow longer, and the girls stay small. We have also noticed that older females tend to be thicker in the chest area than the boys. The older females will often be more comfortable “hanging out” with us underwater, while the males will shy away.

Spring water is here to bring the clear, deep ocean water and loads of new fish to our Hawaiian coral reef. Come play with us and explore Wailea Point and beyond!

Snorkel, Kayak, Paddle, or Scuba, let Maui Undersea Adventures provide you with “The Ultimate Ocean Experience”.

musa logoWe are a boutique dive shop located on-property at the Four Season Resort Maui at Wailea. We provide Snorkel, Scooter, Scuba, Kayak, and Paddleboard Instruction, Tours, and Beach Rentals for the exploration of Wailea Point Reef, located directly out front of our shop. Priority services accommodate guests of the Four Seasons, but we also provide the same level of service and experience to outside guests and Kama’aina locals as well. Call, Text, or Email us now for more information or a reservation for one of our amazing tours. We are proud to limit our group sizes for a more intimate experience and also provide exclusive, Private tours and Instruction as well. Join us for “The Ultimate Ocean Experience!”.

Professional Guided Tours, Instruction, Photography, and Beach Rentals.

Sign up for Small Groups or Reserve a Private Session.


The Ultimate Ocean Experience!


Professional Guided Tours, Instruction, Photography, and Beach Rentals.

Sign up for Small Groups or Reserve a Private Session.