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Join our Professional Guides and Underwater Photographers for an easy, yet fulfilling adventures exploring the reefs of Maui. We have a variety of Maui Scuba Diving listed here on our website.

Certified divers 12 and older are eligible to learn to ride a “Diver Propulsion Vehicle” or Scooter.

These are “Apollo” brand retailing for $2500 each, not your backyard swimming pool types.

Easy to learn to ride and equalize, we start by holding it in front of you and steer with your arms to control depth. Obviously you don’t want to hold your breath and ride full throttle to the surface, but that is hard to do with these very easy to control machines. The noise doesn’t scare the fish or sea life, and on a typical dive we ride to a location, then put them on the sandy sea floor and kick around slowly to more closely explore the reef, then pick them up and zoom off to more outer reef locations.

Great for getting offshore to some of our local boat dives like the St. Anthony’s shipwreck located off Keawakapu beach just up the street from us. For very comfortable divers, they can learn to ride with the scooter placed between their legs, more comfortable than it may sound, and lock the trigger on and ride “hands free” through the ocean, and become a true Aquaman! We also offer this as a snorkel tour, Wailea Point Scooter Snorkel, for non-certified divers, or for advanced Freedivers to explore the reef from the surface. Check out this article about our Scooter Snorkel Tour here.

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Learn to ride a scooter for an exciting dive!

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