Scuba Dive with Manta Rays with Maui Undersea Adventures

Since the early 2018 winter season, Maui’s Manta Rays have been making consistent visits to the South Shore reef areas. Paddle boarders, snorkelers, and Outrigger Canoe Crews have enjoyed watching the Manta Rays skim the surface feeding on Plankton, Hydroids and other micro-organisms floating in the sea.

The Mantas follow currents mostly based on food resources, which can be affected by water temperature, sediment, and organic waste which all contribute to the growth of the food source for these large animals.

Divers often see Manta Rays on the Wailea Point Reef at Wailea Beach, directly in front of the dive shop located on the Four Seasons Resort Maui Property. With over 5 acres of Hard Corals growing on a lava rock base, divers can experience all that Hawaii has for sea life from the shallows to the edge of the reef and beyond.

We dive with these Mantas in as little as 10 feet of water, but mostly they are found in the 20-40′ depth. With wingspans averaging from 6-10 feet wide, these animals are amazing to watch as the fly by. Sightings of more than 16 foot wingspans have been reported over the years, mostly off the back wall of Molokini or other deep water sites. This type of Manta Ray travels over great distances in open ocean currents.

Beginners as well as advanced divers are welcome to join us on a reef dive in search of Maui’s Manta Rays!

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